Jose Ángel Conde


Fallen into existence on December 6th, 1976 in the luciferian city of Madrid (Spain). Having an audiovisual education, he has worked mostly as technician and videographer, in combination with other fields such as design, illustration, translation or teaching.

Apart from his creative film work, shaped in several digital short films within the non-existent collective Spleen PC, he develops a literary production in both narrative and poetry. This unclassifiable and perverse writing virus will spread in anthologies (Gritos sucios (Premio Amaltea "Terror" 2019), Cuentos de la Taberna del Dragón Verde, Horror bizarro, Espadas salvajes, Realidad Incoherente, T.Errores II: Error, Caperucita feroz 2), magazines (Círculo de Lovecraft, Entropía, Crononautas, The Wax, NGC3660, Groenlandia, La taberna de Innsmouth, MiNatura, Nictofilia, Teoría Ómicron, Serial Killer Magazine, Ultratumba) and blogs (Caosfera) with poems, stories, articles, photographs and illustrations.

From 2007 he begins to publish his first books, always within independent publishers: first digital poem books Fiebres galantes (Shiboleth) and Feto oscuro (Groenlandia), and then already the novels Pleamar (El barco ebrio) and Hela (Triskel Ediciones). As a virtual appendix, he maintains the literary autopsies blog Negromancia.

From 2013 to 2018 he enjoys a labor exile in Germany that allows him to enter the gothic-punk scene and the libertarian environments of Leipzig and Berlin, collaborating on various DIY projects.

Currently he lives in Madrid.


-II Amaltea Awards.

Best "Horror" Work

"Gritos sucios", splatter anthology. 2020

-II Concurso "Cuentos de la Taberna del Dragón Verde"

Finalist. Tale "Lágrimas de Selene". 2019

-II Concurso Literario "Manuel Vicente Segarra Berenguer"

Finalist. tale "El ensueño de Schumann". 2019


-II Concurso de Cuentos "Caperucita feroz"

Finalist. tale "Paladas". 2019

-Hybrid Festival 2017

"Simbolistas: Escarabajos, Serpientes y Calaveras" Art Exhibition

Videocreation "Thule"

Madrid, Spain, 2017

-"Kink in Pink" BDSM-Fetish Weekend

"Malerei, Grafiken, Skulpturen" Section

Videoproject "Seiltanz"

Leipzig, Germany, 2016-2017

-Festival de Cortometraxes de Mieres

"Fueramanu" Section

Shortfilm "Una chica del sur"

Mieres, Spain, 2011

-I Certamen “Realidad Incoherente”

Finalist. tale "Sangre del tiempo". 2010

-V Certamen de Literatura "Aenigma"
Finalist. poem "Niebla naranja". 2007

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